Fresh chassis and tank designs for Kuhn mounted sprayers

New chassis and tank designs, and new controls feature on the second-generation Deltis tractor-mounted sprayer from Kuhn Farm Machinery.

The sprayer’s 1300-litre slimline tank now has a deeper double slope sump to ensure liquid is extracted reliably when working on a slope and to make rinsing and emptying easier, while the lighter chassis is said to make the Deltis 2 one of the lightest mounted sprayers available.

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A tractor pulling a sprayer

A newly patented chemical filling system – the Optifiller – has has a wide-necked filling port and also foot-operated controls so the operator does not have to bend close to the 42-litre induction bowl when full of chemicals.

Steel and aluminium booms from 15-24m wide are mounted on parallelogram lift arms for vertical stability when spraying while allowing the boom to “float” during road travel.