German sprayer maker Damman arrives in the UK

The UK sprayer market, already very competitive, will get even more hard-fought with the announcement that German maker Dammann is to start selling its machines here in an official capacity.

Dammann has more than 50% of the German self-propelled sprayer market and makes a range of demountable and trailed sprayers, too. The firm specialises in high-end machines for contractors and big farming companies, with its biggest model mustering a hectare-gobbling 12,000-litre tank.

A new company called Chantry-Dammann, at Messingham, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, will be importing the range into the UK and Ireland.

There are two hydrostatic self-propelled machines, one with four wheels and a choice of 2000, 4000 and 5000-litre tanks and the other with six wheels and 2600, 8000 and 10,000-litre tanks. The range also includes demountable sprayer units for Mercedes Unimogs and JCB Frastrac as well as trailed sprayers in single-axle format and twin-axle format in both Classic and Profi Class spec. Tank sizes range from 4000 litres to 12,000 litres,

Prices start at £50,580 for the Classic trailed models, 72,400 for the Profi Class trailed machines. DT2000 four-wheeled self-propelled sprayers start at £200,000.

At next month’s Cereals event Chantry-Dammann will be showing the four-wheeled Dammann DT2000-H Plus which has a Mercedes six-cylinder 205hp engine, all-wheel hydrostatic drive, four-wheel steering and load-sensing suspension.