Goodyear high speed tyres go up to 70kph

Goodyear’s latest high-speed tyre in the Optitrac radial drive farm tyre range is the DT818 High Speed, which will replace the current DT818 A8/B version in 13 sizes during 2009.

High speed means the tyres can operate at speeds up to 70kph (43mph) or at inflation pressures as low as 0.6 bar.

Even at lower operating speeds, and for tractors that have a top speed of 30, 40 or 50kph (18, 25 or 31mph), these tyres can carry up to 9.5% more load at the same inflation compared with conventional DT818 tyres.

Equally, the new tyres can carry the same loads as the DT818 at lower inflation pressures, thereby generating more traction and getting jobs done more quickly.

The new tyres keep the Optitrac tread design concept and have identical external dimensions and non-skid level as the regular DT818 50kph A8/B speed tyres, making it easy to convert from regular tyres to the DT818 High Speeds.