All new balers from Vicon

Vicon has launched an all-new range of fixed and variable round balers. The RV4216 and RV4220 variable chamber models have five endless belts and adopt a closed chamber system for immediate bale rolling thanks to the integration of two rollers at the front of the baler. Adjustable bale density is standard, and can be controlled from the cab, as is a drop floor system that releases blockages by releasing chamber pressure. 
Both fixed and variable units have 1.25in drive chains with automatic chain lubrication and the new 2.2m pickup is fitted with a rotor feed intake system that uses a helical twin-tine system that feeds crop evenly into the chamber, says Vicon. All RV and RF models can be specced with 14- or 25-knife SuperCut chopping options. RV denotes round variable and RF stands for round fixed.