Four new models for Kuhn’s round baler range

Shropshire-based Kuhn Farm Machinery had added four new models to its round baler line-up, all offering different levels of sophistication.         

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The new VB range consists of four models, the VB 3160 and VB 3165, making 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.6m bales, and the larger VB 3190 and VB 3195, producing 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.8m rounds. All four offer the choice of net or twine binding.

The new models have progressive-density baling chambers, which use two chamber rollers, a starter roller and five endless baling belts to produce evenly shaped bales.

Belt pressure increases as the bale grows, and can be adjusted from the tractor cab to suit crop quality.

Only three main chains are used on the drive-line, which is designed to be low maintenance and can be fitted with optional automatic chain lubrication.

Optional extras

The VB 3160 and 3190 are available with Optiflow, which uses a 2.1m pick-up and open throat intake rotor for handling heavy crops, with a top roller to compact the intake feed for higher work rates.

Optifeed can be added to all four new models, and has a 2.3m pick-up, integral rotor and side augers, with the rotor tines made from Hardox wear-resistant steel. This option also gets Kuhn’s drop-floor system to help clear blockages quickly.

The two Opticut options use a 2.3m wide pickup and have the option of 14 knives offering a chop length of 70mm, or 23 cutting knives with a cutting length of just 45mm.

All knives are made from Hardox steel and the drop floor is standard. All models can have this although the two smaller models have only the 14-knife option.

All new VB models can be supplied and controlled by Kuhn’s Isobus terminals, the 5.4-inch CCI 50 and the 12.1-inch CCI 1200, both of which can be used to control any Isobus-ready machine. 

Prices start at £31,866 for the VB 3160 Optiflow and top out at £47,343 for the all-singing VB 3195 Opticut 23.