Grassland UK: Krone demos baby Big Pack 870

Krone has been getting a surprising amount of interest in its baby Big Pack baler that makes an 80x70cm multi-section bale.

Traditionally, the most popular models in the German maker’s line-up have made 120x70cm bales.

But farmers and contractors producing for the equine market, as well as those moving away from round bales, are apparently hankering after something smaller.

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For easy handling in the yard, the Big Pack 870 HDP can also produce as many as nine 30cm, two-string bales within the main five-string one. That gives a maximum bale length of 2.7m.

It’s also fitted with the same tough driveline as the maker’s bigger 1290 and 4×4 balers meaning it can produce a bale that’s 25% denser than a standard pack.

There are two pick-up options – a narrow 1.95m one and a wider 2.35m – and it is also available with a 16-knife chopper unit.

Price: £116,220 plus £3,020 for steering rear axle.