Krone releases new tedders, round and square balers

A redesigned nine-model range of Vendro tedders has been added to Krone’s grassland kit list and replaces the old KWs.

Row of Vendro tedders from above

Vendro tedders

The Vendro machines are attached via a three-point linkage and use a short-end mounting concept, which means they sit closer to the tractors and shift more weight onto the front axle, reducing transport length and lift requirements.

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Working widths are from 4.6m to 11.2m, with either four, six, eight or 10 rotors, depending on the size.

Similar to the Highland models Krone recently launched, the new Vendros feature the Optiturn rotors and tines which sit about 20cm closer to the wheels to improve contour following.

Aerial view of Vendro tedder

Vendro tedder

There are three rotor diameters – 1.3m, 1.5m and 1.7m – with five, six and seven arms, respectively.

Helpfully, there are no tools needed to adjust the spreading angle and a jack system means the tedders’ wheels don’t suffer under the weight of the machine when unhooked.

Basic Varipack

Following Agritechnica 2019, which saw Krone launch the fancier Varipack Plus round baler models, there’s now a more basic Varipack designed for farmers or contractors covering smaller acreages.

The new range has four models – 165, 165 XC and 190, 190 XC – and Krone claims they deliver higher throughput and less wear thanks to a cam-less Easyflow pick-up measuring 2,150mm wide.

Varipack in fied


The integral feed rotor is 530mm in diameter and the firm has ditched the front-mounted feed auger, with an option of zero, eight, nine or 17 knives on the XC units.

A rapid rear door opens and closes in less than five seconds to reduce time waiting for the bales to discharge, while net tying times have also been trimmed and there’s an optional net refill chute at the side.

There are only three chains across the machine to reduce maintenance and an optional central lubrication system. All Krone’s other models remain, which include the Bellima, Fortima, Comprima and Comprima Plus.

Fifth-generation Big Pack

Krone has also launched a fifth generation of its popular Big Pack square baler, which first came to the market in 1993.

The new design features a hydraulic power clean that uses two fans to blow air onto the knotters, keeping the area free of debris that can commonly cause stoppages.

There are six Varicut models that come with 26 or 51 knives, with the option of using combinations including 51/26/25/12/5 or 26/14/12/6/0. A Vario Filling System (VFS) offers electronic control of the pre-chamber to help improve bale density.

BiG Pack 1270 VC Stroh

BiG Pack 1270 VC Stroh

Central to the new models is an 80cm longer bale chamber, now 3.6m, which is the same as the 1270 (120×70) and 1290 (120×90) HDP.

The change should produce a better bale shape and higher bale weights with settings altered from the cab, says Krone.

To help users carry more string, a hydraulically lowered twine box can store up thirty rolls of 10-15kg spools, while two additional twine boxes can increase the total to 42.

BPW axles and a maximum tyre size of 620/50 R22.5 are both new features.

Krone still plans to offer some of the high-speed fourth-generation machines, which means there is a total of 24 Big Pack models to pick from.

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