LAMMA exhibition line-up, part four

More than 550 exhibitors will be exhibiting their machines at this year’s LAMMA Show . Andy Collings provides a preview.

Massey Ferguson MF7400



Another tractor making its LAMMA debut is Massey Ferguson’s new MF 7400 Series flagship model, the 240hp MF 7499.

Power is provided by a 7.4 litre Sisu engine driving through a Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission and MF’s Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) system is fitted as standard.

DTM automatically manages engine speed so that the most economical power output for a given task is used.

The operator gets a cab with a noise level rating of 70dB(A) and pneumatic suspension which sets itself to match travelling conditions.

Same Deutz-Fahr M410, M420


Deutz-Fahr’s M Series tractors now includes two four-cylinder versions, the M410 and M420, which can be seen for the first time at LAMMA.

Making their debut appearance at LAMMA on the Same Deutz-Fahr stand are the new Deutz-Fahr four-cylinder M410 and M420 tractors.

Rated at 143hp and 158hp respectively, they are powered by Deutz common rail, four-valve/four-cylinder engines which employ an external gas recirculation system. The transmission is a four-stage powershift unit a choice of 24 x 24 or 40 x 40 gears.

Cab furniture includes the manufacturer’s new comfort armrest and standard Power-S control system.

Lemken expands Sirius sprayer range


Lemken has added two new models to its tractor mounted Sirius sprayer range with tank capacities of 900 and 1300 litres.

LAMMA will be the venue for the launch of two new sprayers by Lemken. The company’s tractor-mounted Sirius range will now include 900 and 1300 litre models – an extension of a range that is currently topped by a 1900 litre version.

Lemken says it has designed the tanks so that the centre of gravity is close to the rear of the tractor and its new Quick Connect system allows the sprayer to be speedily and safely attached/detached from the tractor.

In the boom department, 15-24m SectionExtend aluminium tubular booms fold to the rear of the sprayer – the nozzles and supply hoses are contained within the boom.

A choice of control systems is on offer ranging from the basic Sirius 7 with its on/off, pressure and section controls to the more sophisticated Sirius 9 which has electronic controls along with a speed related application rate system.

AFT Trenchers


Trenches up to 1.6m deep and 300mm wide can be produced by AFT Trenchers’ latest model – the tractor-mounted AFT 100.


Latest addition to the line-up of trenching machinery available from AFT Trenchers is the tractor-mounted AFT 100.

Designed primarily for land drainage operations and requiring a minimum of 60hp to operate, this new trencher is able to dig to a depth of 1.6m and up to 330mm wide. A creep speed drive system, part of the trencher unit, can be specified to allow it to be used with tractors without a creep speed gearbox.

Workrate depends on the conditions but AFT claims that output is up to ten times faster than anything a backhoe or excavator could achieve. Accurate digging depths can be maintained through use of a laser control system and the option list also includes pipe-laying chutes and reel carriers.

Simba Horsch launches Pronto EX


Latest development from Simba Horsch is the Pronto EX drill which can be seen for the first time at LAMMA


Simba Horsch is launching the Pronto EX, a new 3m tractor-mounted cultivator drill, at LAMMA following extensive field trials throughout the UK last year.

The drill’s cultivation element is performed by an X-format disc harrow which is claimed to work well in both non-inversion systems and on ploughing. Simba says its choice of levelling or consolidation units to fit to the drill as standard will be announced at the event.

Seed is delivered to the ground using 18 coulters spaced at 16.5cm. These can be the new Power Disc 38cm-diameter disc coulters or the existing Turbo Disc coulters. Individual coulter pressure can be up to 150kg, with drilling depth controlled by 40cm press wheels which run behind each coulter.

Spread-A-Bale range updated

CHK’s Spread-A-Bale range has been updated to increase output speed when users are working with modern telehandlers.

Changes include a new, higher capacity hydraulic control manifold and rotor control valve for the machine’s front gate, strengthening of the side frame and a new guard to help ensure even spreading of round bales.

Midgley cattle handling


Cattle handling made easy with Midgley Farm Services’ mobile feeder and penning system.

Livestock farmers looking to improve their cattle handling systems may want to linger on the JM Midgley Farm Services stand at LAMMA.

The company is launching a new mobile feeder trailer and penning system which is claimed to take only minutes to set up virtually anywhere on the farm. When assembled it comprises a central feed trailer and two pens.

Cattle enter the pens through gates to access the feed and a passage through the feeder section allows cattle to be inspected safely.

Lely mowers replaced


All change for Lely Splendimo mowers and mower conditioners – the company is set to introduce updated versions which are lighter and have an improved break-back system.

After six years’ production, Lely is to replace its Splendimo M mowers and MC mower conditioners with new, updated models which have a lighter build than their predecessors.

Changes include the use of a new, non-stop break-back system – a parallelogram construction which enables the mower to swivel rearwards as well as vertically to allow large obstacles to pass underneath.

For transport, the mowers fold hydraulically into a 110 degree position which limits height and creates a balanced package overall.

Kongskilde Dal-Bo Maxicut


Kongskilde’s new Dal-Bo Maxicut knife in action.

Kongskilde describes the new Dal-Bo Maxicut 600 knife roller as an alternative to a mulcher or a topper for the first stubble treatment following harvested crops such as maize, oilseed rape, sunflowers and vegetables.

The implement has 15 sets of knives spaced 18cm apart on each of the three roller sections which pulverise the material as the rolls rotate.

An operating weight of over 6t can be achieved by filling the rolls with water so that the blades make a clean cut. Operating speed is up to 25kph and power requirement is put at over 150hp.

Lynx Alpego


Lynx Engineering will be displaying the Italian-built Alpego range of cultivation machinery.

Italian implement manufacturer Alpego recently appointed Lynx Engineering to help develop the UK market for its range of products.

LAMMA will see the introduction of the Alpego folding power harrow range which includes models with working widths up to 8m which can work with 500hp tractors at high speeds.

Lynx will also be displaying the Alpego Craker cultivator range – a subsoiler and cultivator combination which, says the manufacturer, can replace the plough. Working depths of between 60cm and 70cm are normal and the range includes 3m and 4m models with 5m and 6m versions imminent.

Cousins Patriot combination


Cousins’ Patriot cultivator range just got bigger with models sporting working widths of up to 6.4m now available.

The Cousins Patriot range of cultivators has been expanded to include models with working widths of up to 6.4m. A combination of different elements, it includes a set of soil loosening legs followed by two rows of discs and then by the manufacturer’s 32in diameter HL Razor Ring Packer.

The whole cultivator is carried on 600mm low-ground pressure transport wheels and folds to within the 3m road transport requirement.

In operation, depth control is set and maintained by using swingover washers on the front drawbar ram and pin adjustment of the rear packer unit. A self-levelling drawbar helps to ensure the removable towing hitch remains parallel to the ground.

Imants Revolution Spader launched


Dig don’t plough with the new Imants Revolution Spader which is imported into the UK by JC Machinery.

JC Machinery’s 57 Series Imants Revolution Spader is revealed for the first time at the LAMMA event. Considered by its manufacturer to be an effective and economic alternative to the plough, the 57 is fitted with seven banks of spades per rotor revolution.

Compared to the smaller 47 model with its six banks of four spade arms, the extra spading capacity is claimed to result in a 50% increase in work.

Available in working widths of 3m and 4.5m, its output is put at up to 2.5ha/hour (6.25 acres).



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