Profitable Farming Company offers new tarpaulin range

The Profitable Farming Company has launched a low cost alternative to their Perfomer range of bale tarpaulins, designed to last for up to five years.

Bull Flex is made of heavy-duty 7.8oz, 0.04mm thick silver/white material which gives it a strength of 97kg. Instead of using grommets which can be easily torn out, claim the company, high strength 5cm wide webbing tie-down loops with reinforced tabs are sown at 90cm intervals along the tarp. This means that the strain is spread over a greater area, giving it 300% more strength than standard grommets, and a number of tie down systems are available, including a system allowing plastic water pipe to be inserted for extra rigidity.

Tarps are available in widths from 4.2m to 10.7m and lengths of 16m.

Also to be launched at Lamma 2009 is a new tagging system for the Baler’s Choice preservative application system for big square balers, enabling operators to electronically access where and when each bale was produced, the moisture content, the amount of preservative used and the bale weight.