Vicon round balers get an upgrade

vicon 450


Feeding net wrap from the front of Vicon’s latest variable chamber balers is said to have ironed out operator niggles with the tailgate-mounted design of the current machines.


“It could be a bit troublesome if everything wasn’t just right,” accepts technical specialist Tim Baker.


“But according to field tests and reports from first users, the new system has worked consistently well, giving tighter wrap and neater bales.”


The Vicon RV 2160, producing bales up to 1.6m (5ft 3in) diameter and the RV 2190 for bales up to 1.82m (6ft), have been thoroughly overhauled with changes catering for bigger tractors and improving performance when baling grass.


“Fixed bale-size machines are still the most popular because they are simpler, handle silage well and are a bit cheaper to buy and run,” notes Vicon sales manager, David Furber.

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“But variable-size machines like our RV models are gaining ground because they can now handle wet crops and late season conditions more effectively and still make larger straw bales to minimise net, handling, haulage and transport costs.”


The all-new frame that toughens up the Vicon RV balers carries stronger stub axles, an uprated driveline and some bigger bearings, along with individually flow-adjustable auto-lube outlets.


“The lower front belt roller and the cleated cleaning roller that sits above it are now powered to improve traction if the belts start to slip on the main drive roller,” notes Tim Baker.


“All these changes come in response to users wanting to put bigger, more powerful tractors on the front of their balers and push more grass through them.”


For most operators, the front-mounted netting system is the biggest and most welcome change.


It uses a simpler feed-in mechanism and has better tension control, says Tim Baker, and as a result should operate more reliably while wrapping more tightly round the bale.