Welger to be bought out by Lely and Vermeer

Lely and American machinery firm Vermeer are planning a joint take-over of German baler and wrapper manufacturer, Welger.

By coming together to buy Welger, both Lely and Vermeer hope to extend their global presence while sharing the expertise – and costs – of all three companies’ R&D departments.

Lely has provided modular cutterbars for Vermeer mowers since 1989. In 2003, the two companies formed an alliance allowing Vermeer to market and provide service back-up for Lely hay and forage equipment in the USA under the Vermeer brand.

As in the UK, much Welger equipment is currently sold through Lely’s distribution network and these sales account for approximately 50% of Welger’s E67m annual turnover.

The transaction is to be finalised by 1 April 2008 and full details – including how much Lely and Vermeer have paid for Welger – are set to be released then.

* It is claimed that in 1971 Gary Vermeer invented and built the world’s first round-baler. The American company now makes its own wood-chippers, stump-grinders, construction equipment and farm machinery range which includes round-balers, rakes and mowers.