New 30cu m diet feeder is Shelbourne’s biggest ever

Shelbourne Reynolds has launched its largest ever diet feeder aimed at users mixing up to 150t/day.

The flagship 30cu m model and smaller 24cu m version are part of a new series of heavy-duty, twin-auger Powermix Plus machines designed to offer higher capacities, swifter processing and faster feed-out times without greatly increased dimensions.

With that in mind, the 24 cu m measures just over 3m tall and the 30 cu m is 3.48m, with both 2.8m wide at the top of the tub.

One of the key features, says Shelbourne, is replaceable, bolted-in lower tub liner sections – a first for the company and a move that should maximise machine life.

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There are new, heavy-duty 2,800mm diameter augers powered by a beefed-up planetary gearbox, too, and dispensing is done via a webbing conveyor system incorporating increased roller diameters and uprated 800mm-wide food-grade belting.

The tub on Powermix Plus machines sits on six 2in weigh cells and chassis specs include a 24t capacity tandem axle with parabolic spring suspension, 435/50 R19.5 tyres and steel mudguards. Air braking and a steering rear axle are optional.

Prices for the new models start at £60,210.

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