Trioliet unveils monster 34cu m Solomix mixer wagon

Super dairies now have the option of a high-capacity mixer from Dutch feeding specialist Trioliet.

The Solomix is available in 27, 30 and 34cu m capacities and comes with a tri-auger tub capable of keeping 180 cows fed with just one or two mixes a day, to reduce labour pressures.

However, the firm says it has had to make some pretty extensive changes to its existing heavy-duty three-auger X range, which had been designed to work for 12 hours a day in intensive American dairy systems.

Apparently, these machines were too big, high and heavy for European dairy farms considering a high-capacity wagon.

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The Solomix 3 series is a new low-profile addition to the price list that offers a variety of discharge options, including side doors, a conveyor belt at the front or an adjustable front chain conveyor.

A reduction gearbox from the 1,000rpm driveline is standard, as is a cooling system.

Perks of the design include a low power requirement – a tractor of 140-160hp should suffice – and relatively low sides that mean it doesn’t require a telehandler with long reach for filling.

The machine uses Trioliet’s dual-flow churning system that sees the feed mixed vertically and horizontally, thanks to an unusual tub shape and clever inserts that alter the natural flow of material.

The end result is faster mixing and less power required, says Trioliet. Standard 22mm long-life augers are also included.

Prices start at £55,410.


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