Agritechnica 2023: Ex-Claas forage wagons reborn under Fliegl banner

Fliegl has revived the Cargos forage wagon range deemed surplus to requirements by Claas.

There was little time for major design changes, with just six months separating the completion of the deal (September 2022) and the reopening of the production line (March 2023).

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In fact, the only significant alteration is a new moveable front wall that has increased the standard capacity by 3cu m. This translates to an extra 6cu m when the load is compressed.

There is also a bigger 2.3m alternative to the Claas-derived 2m pick-up, which feeds crop through a 40-knife chopping bank.

The Cargos range includes three 8000-series models with capacities from 30 to 41.5sq m, and two in the 9000-series that are good for 44 and 50sq m.

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