Lamma 2024: New pick-up and chopper for Strautmann Zelon wagons

Small livestock farms keen on keeping silage-making in house have a revamped range of Strautmann Zelon forage wagons to pick from.

These have a slightly wider pick-up than before – now 1.8m – to help reliably hoover up bigger or untidy swaths, particularly around sweeping bends.

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The camless setup features steel tines and plastic stripper bands as standard, with the option of upgrading to more durable Flex-Load tines and/or adding a 500mm-wide depth roller behind to improve contour following.

Also new to the firm’s junior wagon range is the Exact-Cut chopping system, which is armed with 37 reversible blades to reduce the theoretical chop length from 45mm to 39mm.

The main change in the 24 to 35cu m capacity bodies is a switch to powder-coated steel decks with profiled slats to carry the four 13t discharge chains and their associated slats.

The mid-range 290 on show has a list price of £90,000 and is suitable for tractors upwards of 95hp.

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