New top-spec Magnon forage wagon joins Strautmann range

Strautmann’s new top-of-the-range Magnon CFS is now available in the UK following its European launch late last year.

The forage wagons feature a redesigned oil-powered pick-up where steel tines have been swapped for plastic ones across six rows to provide more flexibility on uneven ground.

Steel strippers are mounted between the tines, apparently helping to improve material flow and reduce the risk of grass wrapping around the inside of the pick-up.

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Side augers help funnel the crop from the 2.25m pick-up to a 2.1m-wide cutting rotor – a layout that Strautmann claims keeps the outer edge of the rotor full of forage. It carries 48 double-sided knives for a theoretical cut length of 35mm.

Further up, a new moving front wall can be retracted hydraulically to add an extra 5cu m of load space, making the Magnon CFS more compact than the old Tera-Vitesse CFS it replaces despite its increased carrying capacity.

It speeds up unloading, too, by ejecting the crop with the help of four low-wear plate-link chains on the floor.

Two twin-axle models offer 42cu m and 46cu m capacities, while the biggest tri-axle unit has a 52cu m body.

Tyre options extend to low ground pressure 800/45 R 30.5s and the axles can be fitted with passive, mechanical or electronic active steering.

There’s also an updated 5.7in display, built by Muller, that is Isobus compatible.

The CFS 430 – the smallest model in the range – starts at £119,114.