Agritechnica 2019: Claas unveils huge Jaguar 990 forager

© Jonathan Page

Promising work rates of up to 400t/hour, the Jaguar 990 from Claas is the firm’s highest-output forage harvester yet.

Like the 885hp 980 – the maker’s previous flagship forager – power comes from a 24-litre MAN V12 engine, which has been tuned to deliver 925hp.

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This still leaves Claas a little behind its competitors for out-and-out power, but apparently the efficiency of the crop flow means it’s all that is required.

In a bid to get maximum output relative to fuel use, the firm has introduced a new Cemos Automatic system.

This allows the operator to set a parameter such as a target speed, leaving the machine to adjust engine output according to the volume of crop.

This means the engine only works as hard as it needs to, helping get fuel use as low as 0.41 litres/t.

Changes to the machine’s internals are minimal, but the feed roller housing has been strengthened to take the extra power and bulk of material coming in.

There’s also the option of a new 37-litre insulated concentrate additive tank.