Grass Tech to fit Kuhn PZ mowers to zero-grazers

Future Grass Technology has agreed a deal that will see it use Kuhn’s popular 2.2m-wide PZ drum mower on all four models in its zero-grazing range.

The PZ220 mower unit comprises two drums, each fitted with eight quick-change blades. The pan is designed to lift and throw heavy grass cleanly to the back of the elevator, so avoiding any damage to the remaining stubble.

On the three larger GT 120, 140 and 160 models, the mowing width remains the same. But the smallest GT80 has now been designed to also carry the 2.1m PZ mower, rather than the 1.85m-wide unit of its predecessor. It now uses the same chassis as the larger models, too.

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From the PZ mower unit, the crop is lifted into the main body of the zero grazer by a non-chopping crop elevator that revolves at just 70rpm to minimise damage to the grass.

The trailer is filled and emptied using a variable-speed, hydraulically powered bed conveyor, with hydraulic services powered from the tractor – rather than a separate pump – to reduce overall weight. The specification also includes centralised greasing, full load sensor and rear-view camera.

All models are available with the option of a rear-mounted feed-out conveyor for dropping grub into troughs or against feed barriers.

The small GT80 requires just 75hp to run, while the biggest GT160 needs more like 130hp. Prices start at £29,000.