Keltec’s new steerable front mower targets headland bends

A new steering assembly on Keltec’s 3m front mowers could help eliminate straggly strips of uncut grass around headland bends.

The mower hooks conventionally to a three-point linkage, with the mounting framework between it and the tractor allowing for lateral movement through a 16deg arc. Control of this is via a double-acting spool and it doesn’t impact the workings of the suspension system.

The design differs from that of German firm Sauter, which is being offered as an option on Claas’s Disco mowers when paired with certain Axion and Fendt Vario tractor models. It involves swapping the standard front lower link arms with hydraulic versions to form a swivelling linkage.

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Keltec’s mowing unit uses a Comer cutter bar carrying seven twin-disc blades. Steel tines provide a conditioning element and the extent to which these bash the crop can be altered via an adjustable steel hood. Optional end skirts fold hydraulically.

The front mower can be paired with the firm’s rear-mounted butterfly setup to produce a 9.5m cut. These are available with auger groupers rather than belts, which the company reckons can save up to a tonne in weight and, as a result, put less stress on the tractor’s back end.

List price of the steerable mower is €21,000 (£18,940) – €5,000 (£4,500) more than the standard version.