Monster mowers battle for the biggest cut

Claas’s claim a couple of weeks ago that it made the widest mounted mower on the market prompted a couple of other machinery companies to challenge its title. We took a look at the rivals in the giant mower stakes.

If you’re wanting a mower than can cover the ground, there are lots of options. But which machine is the widest on the market?

Two weeks ago Claas put out a press release saying it had the biggest cut on the market. Its 1100C Business is certainly capable of pushing out to 10.3m when used in conjunction with 3m on the front. However, Elho and Kongskilde reckon they can do better. All come with choice of conditioner and are GPS ready, but the company’s products are far from identical.

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Claas 1100C Business 

Claas 1100

Claas launched its 1100C Business earlier this year. It can will work between 9.4m and 10.3m and each rear mower is mounted on telescopic arms. This movement, says the company, allows for greater overlap when working on slopes or mowing on a curve.

When folded, the combination is less than 4m high and 3m wide and can even be left folded when stored. Both mower units incorporate a non-stop hydraulic break-back protection system as standard and there’s an adjustable Active Float mower bar suspension system.

The spec for the 1100C Business also includes hydraulically folded protective covers, full disc speed monitoring and – if required – the pto speed can be reduced from 1,000rpm to 850rpm in lighter crops to save fuel.

As seems to be standard on everything these days, the mower is fully Isobus-compliant and monitors almost everything there is to monitor, and plugs into their S10 steering module. The clever bit is that it can now be monitored using not only the tractor’s screen but also on your iPad using the Easy-on-Board app.

At £50,230 for the back set with a conditioner, the machine is high-tech and relatively expensive, but Claas mowers have proven their worth over the years.

Elho Arrow NM 10500 Delta

Elho Arrow

Mowers from Finnish company Elho aren’t often seen munching through grass in the British countryside, but when they do they can chomp through the grass at quite a rate – 10.5m at a pass – with their Arrow NM 10500 Delta mower.

The difference between the Elho and the Claas may only amount to 20cm (8in), but in the right situation that could give a significant gain.

Like the Claas, the Elho is adjustable to give more overlap when on slopes or on a curve and with a range from 9.4m to 10.5m it gives a bit more movement than the Claas.

The GPS receiver can be placed in line with the cutting knives to ensure the units lift in exactly the right position regardless of speed. This also allows the Elho Opus control unit to independently regulate the length of each side of the mower on the move.

The left or right mower is drawn in depending on which way the curve bends and is then pushed back out once the curve is passed.

The 10500 Delta also comes with Elho’s AutoBalance suspension system, which automatically adjusts the bed suspension according to the mowing conditions.

The Opus control unit monitors the downforce on each unit and adjusts it automatically. It also monitors all the important functions such as temperature and ram pressures. And for those with a reverse drive tractor, this model should slot straight on, too.

Prices for a triple front and back set start at £45,600 and reverse drive pushes that up to £51,000,

Kongskilde GXT13005


Kongskilde’s contender in this group is trailed rather than mounted, but it’s still tractor-powered. The GXT13005 gives a monster 12.3m cutting width, almost 2m more than the others, and claims to have a 10-20ha an hour capacity. The aim is to fit into 12.3m tracks for controlled traffic farming, the idea being to reduce compaction and the amount of soil ending up in the silage.

Everything on this machine is completely adjustable, and you don’t need tools. That includes the degree of conditioning to the height of the stubble.

It’s all done manually with big levers and slots and is a good alternative to electrically powered components. Servicing looks being a doddle too. The underside of the bed has large skid plates, giving a completely smooth underside and acting as a stone guard as well.

Kongskilde says its design makes it easy to check bolts, replace a gear wheel or take off a bearing on each disc. The knife is set just 2mm above the cutter bar, so the bed should stay relatively clean.

With a conditioner and collector, this monster will weigh in at 7,700kg and needs 300hp.  However, even without the grouper on the GXT13005 it still weighs in at 6,400kg and needs 250hp, so it’s a heavy bit of kit.

If conditions weren’t right, it could be easy to get stuck and make a mess. But if conditions were right, it looks like it would cut grass quicker than a supermarket cut milk prices.


Claas 1100C Business

ELHO NK 10500 Delta

Kongskilde GXT 13005 P

Max working width (m)




Transport width (m)




Mowing discs








Recommended min hp/kW




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