Pottinger adds Crossflow merging kit to smallest mower

Austrian manufacturer Pottinger has added its Crossflow merging system to its smallest Novacat mower.

The cross-conveyor auger can merge swaths straight after cutting without the need for a conditioner – the auger catches the crop before it hits the floor to avoid any contamination and accelerates drying, with swathing no longer necessary.

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Pottinger’s largest A10 combination and the rear 3.5m Novacat 352 already have the Crossflow option, but it has now been added to the 302 models.

The 3m units will run on a tractor of just 100hp, and a small terminal mounted in the cab controls the hydraulically opening rear flap for the Crossflow.

The benefit here is that a 3m mower can now group two passes into one row.

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