Two new Cyclone mowers increase Major’s cutting options

Irish implement manufacturer Major has bolstered it Cyclone mower range with the addition of two new models.

These new units will sit at the bottom of the current line-up; a 2.8m rigid deck and 4.2m double-winged unit offering a 2.5m transport width, with existing 4.2m, 5.6m and 6.3m winged version completing the list.

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Major claims these mowers have reduced power consumption thanks to its patented double-chop blade system, which is said to require 25% less horsepower compared with equivalent flail mowers.

Made from galvanised Strenx 700 MC high-strength steel, the mowers can be used for clearing stubble areas of maize or cereals, or for hacking down gorse and saplings.

The 2.8m MJ31-280 has four rotors with 16 blades on each and retails for £9,700, whereas the 4.2m MJ30-420 costs £16,590 and has six rotors housing 24 swinging blades.

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