Krone updates single-rotor Swadro mounted rakes

Grassland farmers now have the choice of three single-rotor rakes after Krone expanded and updated its mounted Swadro range.

The 380 (3.8m), 420 (4.2m) and 460 (4.6m) come with the firm’s Duramax cam track system and maintenance-free rotor gearboxes. A compact headstock brings weight closer to the tractor, helping to reduce lift requirements, but it can be set further away on tractors with big rear tyres by adjusting the reversible pin arrangement for the lower link arms.

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© Krone

Swath widths up to 1.8m are possible with the largest 460 model, which has a 3.6m-diameter rotor and needs 50hp on the front.

Work height of the rake can now be altered either mechanically or electronically. The standard option has a crank handle on a threaded bar for millimetre adjustment, whereas the fancier version allows operators to alter the position from the tractor cab.

The Swadro’s swathing curtain can also come with hydraulic control for easy tweaking of row widths and shifting the rake into transport mode. Krone’s Lift Tines feature on the mounted models, which apparently reduce soil contamination in the crop.


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