Lamma 2024: Samasz unveils keenly-priced 9m merger

Polish maker Samasz is muscling in on the grass merger market with a 9m model that undercuts its competition on price, in some cases by a five-figure sum.

The MRG 2-900 comes in at £79,110 (retail) and is currently the sole model in the firm’s fledgling range.

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It works in much the same way as the rest, with press rollers mounted ahead of a six-bar pick-up.

This feeds material onto the bed conveyors, which can be configured to form one large swath or two smaller ones.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension allows the wings to follow ground contours independently of one another, and the whole lot is powered by an on-board hydraulic system.

According to Samasz, maximum speed ranges from 12kph in a heavy, wet crop to 18kph in more forgiving conditions, and it’ll need a tractor of at least 150hp on the front.

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