Lely Splendimo 550P trailed mower

Lely’s latest wide-working trailed mower has separate disc cutter bars that follow contours individually and fold forwards for a narrow field-to-field transport configuration.

The Splendimo 550P results from a commercial partnership between Lely and Vermeer of the US and is the first product offered in the UK to come from the Vermeer product line. The newcomer uses a pair of Lely’s familiar modular disc cutterbars on a Vermeer-engineered trailed chassis.

This has a bridge drawbar that swings the mower out to an offset working position and trails centrally for transport. Because the cutterbar is formed from separate sections, it divides in the middle and folds forward to reduce transport width to just 2.8m.

Power take-off drive is transferred by shafts and gearboxes to the outer discs of each cutterbar to leave plenty of clearance for good crop flow.

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