Pottinger launches Faro forage harvester

Pottinger’s new Faro forage wagon claims to have a chopping length of 45mm, thanks to a rotor with seven rows of tines with 7mm double tines and 31 knives.

The scraper floor is also 150 mm lower to allow easy unloading and space for 17 or 22.5in tyres.

Two models are on offer – the 4010 L/D Combiline and the 5010 L/D. The latter has an all-steel body with 700 mm top panels, extension bars that can be adjusted in three positions and a capacity of 31cu m. The Faro 4010L/D Combiline uses the standard body.

A 6-row floating pick-up with cam track at both ends is claimed to give good ground tracking and clean forage as a result. A new development is a wind guard with swath roller for better forage flow and an additional tracking roller.

Unusually, the parallelogram tracking roller mounting can be adjusted independently of the front jockey wheels. It can be set up to 50 mm higher and is designed for wet operating conditions with deep tractor wheel marks.

The rotor is driven by a high-strength simplex roller chain. On loader wagons fitted with discharge beaters, only the pick-up switches off. Power is supplied by a wide-angle PTO shaft protected to 1,600 Nm. This means that the Faro has around 14% more drive power, claims the company, with a corresponding increase in capacity.

The scraper floor has been lowered by 150 mm at the front end, which allows for tyres up to 710/35R22.5 to be fitted, says the company. Forage is conveyed upwards to the rear, giving uniform unloading.

The dual-function front flap gives a quick change between loading mode and transport mode. The forage compression flap is controlled electro-hydraulically from the cab to bring it into the right position.

There are three unloading modes: normal unloading with tailgate wide open, fine discharge for controlled unloading and cross-conveyor mode.

Price of the 4010L is £53,778

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