Richard Western unveils debut push-off trailer range

Suffolk-based trailer maker Richard Western has launched three new models with moving headboards to help compress more material into each load.

The push-off trailers are based on the designs of Dutch firm USA Equipment, with whom Richard Western has penned a deal to build them at its Framlingham factory.

This, it hopes, will allow it to tap into a growing market for ejector trailers among silage contractors, with the likes of Hi-Spec, Bailey, Larrington and K-Two already offering variations on the concept.

The monocoque design will initially be available with a tandem axle and 40cu m capacity, but triple-axle variants rated to 50cu m and 60cu m are in the pipeline. Heavy-duty sprung suspension is standard, and buyers have the option of air or hydraulic anchors.

Richard Western trailer

© Richard Western

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The moving headboard, which can be used for both load compression and discharge, runs on a sliding system with nylon wheels and guide blocks in I-beam guide rails.

Hydraulic pushing power can be varied according to the load density required and folded sidewalls are designed to handle the strain of compressed loads. Self-lubricating lips help form a grain-tight seal between the headboard and the trailer sides.

As well as helping to cram more forage into each trailer, the headboard offers a safer way of discharging heavy loads and allows crop to be dumped in low sheds without the risk of clouting girders.

Opening and closing of the tailgate is controlled by double-acting hydraulics and discharge takes about 35 seconds.