Claas unveils biggest-ever tedder – the 15.1m-wide Volto 1500

Claas has developed a new 14-rotor trailed tedder chassis that has allowed it to push working width to 15.1m.

The Volto 1500 is the widest model the firm has produced to date – the range previously topped out at 13m – and it’s only been made possible by re-engineering the bones of the machine.

Rather than the old rear-mounted transport wheels that lift in the air during work, Claas has opted for much larger versions positioned in front of the rotors that stay on the ground at all times.

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While this has facilitated the wider working width, neat horizontal folding and a lower centre of gravity, it has made cornering a little more complex.

On simper “T” models, the transport wheels are fixed, so rotors ideally need to be lifted when cornering and turning on the headlands to avoid any scrubbing.

However, by upgrading to the hydraulic steering “TS” version, wheels will track neatly behind the tractor, taking any stress out of the system and allowing the rotors to stay down.

When rotors are lifted, the steering system automatically straightens the wheels, making the machine easy and predictable to control.

Other features include a crank handle for tool-free height adjustment, stronger finger drives and oil- rather than grease-filled gearboxes.

The rotors themselves are Claas’ 1.5m “max spread” units with spreader arms angled at 29.3deg.

Operation requires the services of one single- and one double-acting spool valve, with the former powering the lift ram and the latter running the folding mechanism.

However, one more single-acting service is needed for those opting for an optional border spreading guard.

Also available in the new configuration is a 12-rotor Volto 1300 which, as the name suggests, offers a 13m working width.

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