Fence line tedding function added to new Pottinger range

Grassland kit manufacturer Pottinger has extended its tedding offering with the launch of a new line-up – the HIT HT range.

The new trailed tedders come in working widths from 8.60-17m, and are notable for their compatibility with small tractors and low power requirements.

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The tedders are designed for optimum spreading of all types of forage, with six tine arms and a small rotor diameter of 1.42m.

The range sports a number of upgrades, including two new functions.

The Hit HT tedders can be equipped with the basic control system. This allows operators to pre-select modes from the cab, such as folding the machine into the road transport position.

Working heights can also be adjusted hydraulically from the cab, although a manual crank lever still remains.

Also among the new controls is the fenceline tedding function.

When selected, this hydraulically folds the two outer rotors on the right-hand side back at a 15deg angle.

This leaves two diagonal rotors to distribute the forage over the mown area without forming a swath, allowing operators to work right up to the field boundary.

The Hit HT 11100 model has a recommended price of £27,872.

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