Kuhn unveils ‘first-of-its-kind’ 13m mounted tedder

Kuhn has adapted its 13m GF 13003 tedder for mounting on a tractor’s rear linkage, having previously only offered it in trailed format.

This makes it the widest implement of its type on the market and completes the French firm’s range of mounted GF models that previously stretched to 10m.

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The compact headstock design keeps the weight close to the tractor and makes it easy to manoeuvre and store, but it will require a slightly bigger machine on the front than the trailed equivalent.

Kuhn mower folded

© Kuhn

A single central gearbox sends power to the 12 maintenance-free Optitedd rotors, each of which can move independently of the frame to provide a degree of contour following that should minimise soil scraping and crop contamination.

These carry heavier duty 10mm-diameter tines that Kuhn estimates to have twice the service life of previous models.

Two hydraulic connections – one double-acting, one single – take care of folding/unfolding and the “headland lift control” system that makes it possible to hoist all the rotors out of work for headland turns.

Kuhn mower

© Kuhn

There’s also a border spreading function that sees the two outer rotors on the right side pivoted backwards when working the first bout of a headland to throw grass away from the boundary.

Rotor deflectors to reduce forage build-up on the wheels and frame are also standard, and it’ll fold to 3m wide and 4m high for road transport.

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