Twose all-in-one subsoiler and aerator boosts grass growth

Tiverton firm Twose hopes its new all-in-one subsoiler and aerator machines will improve early-season grass growth, improve soil quality and help reduce compaction in one pass.

The linkage-mounted SSA range combines the two operations –  heaving, aerating and rolling the soil before slitting it to help move water down the profile. The aerator uses 230mm slitting blades and the subsoiler element has replaceable hardened steel shins, legs and feet.

The machine is available in a choice of 2.5m and 3m working widths, and the company reckons the new machines can potentially halve the time required to treat pasture.

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Hydraulic auto-reset leg protection is available and there’s the choice of two-, three- and five-leg configurations. There are also a few different roller options for the back.

The two-leg versions of the SSA machines will need 80hp up front, while the 2.5m-wide three-leggers will need 120hp. Prices for the latter start at £11,600.

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