Grassland UK: Claas compares early foragers with new


Demonstrating the difference 30 years can make Claas dragged this vintage Jaguar SF80 out of the nettles and parked it next to its latest 950 machine.

The 1981 model is fitted with an air-cooled Deutz V8 that kicks out 220hp. Other mod cons include hydrostatic drive and a metal detector fitted as standard.

These early machines are were designed for US and northern European markets, but 10-12 models made it to the UK, says Ian Brydsen, product specialist for

Basic construction is remarkably similar to modern machines with detachable header, feed rollers and grass chamber.

List price for the SF80 in 1981 was around £22,000 compared with about £220,000 for the 2012 spec Jaguar 950.

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