Gregoire Besson launches new combination plough-press

French plough and cultivations firm Gregoire Besson will offer its innovative combination plough and press on its semi-mounted ploughs and (after further testing) on all its other ploughs.

The idea behind the concept, says the firm, was to reduce the number of passes needed for cultivation and consolidation but also to do away with the problems associated with having to “catch” the press arm on conventional trailed presses on each round.

Transport is easier, too, because the plough and press acts as an all-in-one unit and the amount of pressure on the press can be adjusted via a hydraulic ram. This enables a firmer finish for lighter land.

The company says the combination unit is cheaper to buy than the two separate units. For example, the semi-mounted eight-furrow SPSL9 costs £40,000 whereas an eight-furrow semi-mounted plough and a 3.6m press would be £45-50,000.

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