GuardCam automatically detects and videos intruders

GuardCam security unit from ESP UK combines a 230W halogen light, a high-resolution still/video camera that records both still pictures (three photos a second) and video (10fps at 480×640 pixels), plus a digital recorder that puts the images onto a 2GB SD card.

An adjustable PIR motion detector activates the light and sets the recorder going automatically when it detects movement within a 10m x 160deg area. There’s also a speaker on the unit that delivers one of three messages warning intruders that they have been detected.

Viewing the still pictures or video involves taking the SD card out of the unit, putting it into the supplied SD card reader and pushing it into one of the USB slots on your computer. It will then run in Windows Media Player, which is standard on most newer PCs.

The oldest images are overwritten as the card reaches capacity, ensuring that the most recent events are always available. The system also automatically puts a date and time stamp on the still pictures or video. The supplied 2GB SD card will hold 750 20-second video clips or 1500 still images. Cost is £99 + VAT

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