Hardi launches a smaller Alpha self-propelled with stepless track width adjustment

HARDIHardi has introduced a smaller version of its Alpha self-propelled sprayer.

Evrard, which is owned by Hardi, claims to be Europe’s largest manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers.

The launch of the new Alpha Varitrack sees a return to the UK of the Evrard name.

Available with either a 2500-litre or 3000-litre capacity tank, the larger unit can be supplied with a new hydraulic track width adjustment system.

Using the in-cab digital control the operator can adjust wheel-spacing steeplessly from the seat.

The total movement in the system is 45cm allowing for a minimum track width of 1.8m to a maximum of 2.25m when running on 270/95 R38 tyres.

The digital display provides the operator with a readout of the actual track width which can be adjusted on the move.

Varitrack is apparently suitable for road speeds of 40kph and doesn’t require the wheel settings to be re-aligned after track width adjustment.

Power is supplied by a choice of two engines, either a 170hp or a 140hp model.

Both are Deutz units, the larger being a six-cylinder turbo-charged while the smaller is a four-cylinder equivalent.

Drive to the wheels is controlled by four hydraulic motors – one per wheel – which are capable of propelling the sprayer to a top speed of 40kph on the large unit and 25kph with the smaller engine fitted.

The front and rear axles are both sprung using coil springs and integrated shock absorbers.

According to the firm, the rear axle suspension is designed to ensure that the boom remains parallel to the chassis while the chassis remains parallel to the ground.

Hardi/Evrard is one of the few manufacturers to continue to use coil springs and claims that this type of setup provides longer life and improved ride characteristics compared to air-suspension systems.

The sprayers are available with 24-32m aluminium-type booms which incorporate a three-way breakaway system and are mounted on a parallelogram linkage.

Pump options are in the form of either a 276 litre/min or 322 litre/min Hardi electronically variable diaphragm pump or alternatively, where wider booms and semi-continuous circulation systems are fitted, an electronically variable Evrard 500 litre/mincentrifugal pump can be specified.

Hardi says the new units are now available with prices starting at £63,000 for a basic model, which includes manual Varitrack, 24m booms, a 2500 litre tank and the 140hp 25kph engine/transmission setup.

A model fitted with 24m booms, a 3000 litre tank and the 170hp engine, capable of 40kph, will set customers back the tidy sum of £74,000, but will gain the hydraulically controlled Varitrack.