Agritechnica 09: 12in LCD screens show it all

As tractors and equipment get more sophisticated, the LCD displays used to show machine settings and performance are having to go super-size too.

Judging by the offerings of firms like Kverneland and Ag Leader, 305mm (12in) could be becoming the ideal top-end screen size.

Ag Leader, a USA GPS specialist, says its Integra 12.1in screen is ideal for showing GPS mapping info, with multiple map views displayed at the same time. The display can also show split-screen images from up to four video cameras positioned on implements.

Kverneland’s Isomatch Tellus also allows four video feeds to be shown at the same time, as well as two performance displays, for instance a tractor settings screen and an implement settings one.

With screen manufacturers increasingly standardising their equipment, the all-in-one superscreen that covers everything will soon be here.

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