Combine harvesters – model changes for 2015

In the market for a new combine? Peter Hill looks at what’s available for next year’s harvest.

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Case IH

Case IH Axial-Flow combines (pictured right) get wider cutting tables and longer discharge augers to suit controlled traffic farming systems, plus increased power outputs – up about 3-7% on the 140-series.

2015 combine spec and price list

Click here to download a PDF of all the new models for next year’s harvest.

A generous 11% power lift for the 240-series machines is matched by a 17% increase in grain tank capacity to 14,400 litres (up from 12,330 litres).

A new track option is introduced with suspension and an additional idler roller giving a more comfortable ride and increased ground contact area.


Claas combine 2015 model

Top-model Tucano becomes the 570 with a sixth concave and infinite speed adjustment for the separation rotor, plus improved straw chopping consistency across different crops and conditions.

Electrohydraulic concave adjustment, hydraulic concave cushioning and Cebis crop settings are joined by hotkey access to control features.

A turret grain auger increases clearance, empties faster and comes in lengths to suit wider tables and power is increased across the Tucano range.

New-generation cutting tables for Tucano and Lexion reflect CTF systems; the 12.3m Vario adjustable knife table is joined by 9.3m and 7.7m sizes to a new fully telescopic design that eliminates fill-in plates at maximum extension.

There is a greater range of movement, too, and vertical side knives can be fitted without using tools. Alternatively, the new Cerio table provides 10cm of manual knife adjustment forward and back from the default position.


Deutz-Fahr combine 2015 model

New C7000 series straw walker combines replace the 6065 HTS, 6090 HTS and 6095 HTS. These have a new rear axle, anti-skid traction control, optional four-wheel drive and a track option for the first time with 760mm wide belts.

New bodywork giving easier maintenance access and upgrades for the cab are also evident on the five- and six-walker machines, which as before can be had with a separating drum between the threshing cylinder and walkers for extra capacity.

John Deere

John Deere combine 2015 model

New combines at the bottom end of the range result from co-operation with Sampo-Rosenlew to cater for small farms wanting a new harvester.

The W330 five-walker combine comes with a pre-threshing cylinder designed to remove up to 20% of grain ahead of the main threshing drum, and this feature is available optionally on the six-walker W440.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson combine 2015 model

MF Activa S straw walker combines get the new ProLine cab with TechTouch terminal control unit providing a driver-selected two-section display and pre-programmed settings for different crops.

A modern armrest design with multicontrol joystick also features, together with an air suspension seat, cooler and storage box.

A performance lift comes from 10% (30hp) boost to 306hp for the MF 7347S Activa when unloading on the move – and similar boost helps the MF 7370 and MF 7360 ParaLevel combines, which like all Beta models can now have 5cm accuracy AutoGuide xls satellite steering for hands-off operation.

For growers in hilly areas, the side-to-side levelling of the ParaLevel machines can be enhanced with 30% uphill levelling, 10% downhill.

New Holland

New Holland combine 2015 model

The TC range is renumbered to reflect new engine power outputs and is joined by the four-walker TC4.90 for smaller growers.

A revised Triple-Clean shoe on CX models can lift cleaning capacity by more than 10% using a third grain pan cascade to get chaff airborne earlier, exploiting increased fan speed, and so relieve the main sieves.

On the range-topping CX 6090, a double-flight cross auger can improve grain elevator output by up to 10% and all CX5000 and CX6000 models get larger fuel tanks and a 300 litre increase in capacity for combines previously fitted with an 8,000-litre grain tank.

A cab upgrade for the CR rotary combines adds space, larger windows and a redesigned interior with IntelliView colour touchscreen monitor upgrades.

Inside, smoother transition into the two separation rotors is claimed for the Dynamic Feed Roll mechanical stone protection, while redesigned adjustable rotor vanes are said to absorb less power in high-volume crops.

All CR models get the roomier, quieter Harvest Suite Ultra cab with less noise, new drive control and lower noise levels. There are bigger grain tanks and the top two models share a 142-litre/sec unloading system with folding auger and adjustable pivot spout.

A 14% (80hp) output hike creates a new flagship – the CR10.90 has 652hp on tap.


Sampo-Rosenlew combine 2015 model

The Comia range is extended to replace the remaining SR designs with a nicer cab, a new returns layout and more power – 238hp for the Comia C10 and 300hp for the C12. Both models feature a pre-threshing drum with a concave independently adjusted from that of the main threshing cylinder.

In the Premium Plus cab, the operator gets the Comvision touchscreen controller and seat-mounted joystick.


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