FieldView offers yield and moisture stats on old combines


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FieldView, Bayer’s digital farming platform, is the latest to offer a retrofit kit that provides live yield and moisture information on older combines.

The system costs £4,400, is suitable for all harvesters, regardless of make, model or age, and takes roughly three hours to install. It includes yield and moisture sensors and a GPS dome, plus all the brackets and wiring harnesses required.

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Buyers will also need an iPad, which pairs via Bluetooth to the FieldView Drive computer – the system that allows the data to be monitored in real time. This means owners  and agronomists can also track the progress of the combine, as well as the performance of the crop.

The advantage of the Yield Kit, says FieldView, is that growers can quickly analyse variations in field performance and react to them by altering the cultivation, drilling or agronomic decisions for the following year’s crop.

Other popular retrofit yield monitors include Farm TRX, the RDS Ceres 8000i and Topcon’s Yieldtrakk.


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