Hawe reveals giant 40cu m beet chaser

Despite poor beet prices across Europe, German maker Hawe has been trialling a 40cu m beet chaser in East Anglia.

The German company sold four grain chasers into the UK in 2015, all of them triple-axled machines at the top of the size range. It has now set up Hawe Trailers UK to build on this.

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Working alongside contractor Richard Ivatt’s Holmer T4-30 harvester, the RUW 4000 can swallow the whole of the Holmer’s tank, including the beet harvested while unloading.

Three heavy-duty BPW axles with steering on the first and third are shod with 710 x 45 R26.5 tyres, although options up to 800 are available.

Air brakes and a hydraulically suspended drawbar are standard and all the functions of the trailer are driven by an on-board hydraulic pump, except for the pto-driven moving floor.

Central lubrication is standard and the unloading elevator folds over the body of the trailer.

Unloading time is about two minutes and field speeds of 40kph are possible. Driver Phillip Campbell reports that, even on silt land with high rolling resistance, the trailer is easy to pull and more stable than a conventional one.

The side discharge elevator is said to create an even and compact clamp for a maus-type loader.

This particular model is the swap-body version, which means it could be converted into a grain chaser, dumper or manure spreader. List price is £91,000.

Hawe is said to be working on an even larger chaser which could carry all the beet from the largest triple-axled harvesters such as a Holmer T4-40 or Ropa Tiger 5.