Hi-Spec unveils trailed butterfly mower

Feeder and muck spreader manufacturer Hi-Spec Engineering enters the grassland equipment market with a novel trailed ‘butterfly’ mower that forms a triple outfit with a front-mounted mower.

High-output mowing from a medium-size tractor is one of the attractions of the AutoCut design, says Jim Nolan of Hi-Spec: “Typically, a 9-10m wide triple mower conditioner requires around 8.5hp per metre just to carry and drive it,” he points out.

“However, even our widest model needs just over 7hp per metre, while the plain mower version needs only 4.5hp per metre.”

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The AutoCut will be produced in 9.8m and 10.5m working widths, using 3.2m Comer disc beds in each case, with the option of a conditioner to speed up moisture loss from the grass.


The semi-mounted frame with an active steering axle mechanically linked to the headstock is designed for sharp turns, especially at headlands and for turning into gateways, while hydraulic suspension for the cutting decks means that virtually all the weight is carried on the frame rather than the tractor.

For transport, the decks fold in-line with the tractor rather than upwards, with hydraulic stowing of the front guards reducing overall width and providing clear access for maintenance.

A limited run for 2017 will be followed by full series production for 2018.