Highland Show 2009: Superwrench lends a helping hand

Superwrench large

Have you ever thought that it would be useful to have another pair of hands whilst doing up those difficult-to-get-to bolts? Well, thanks to this nifty piece of kit – you can now tighten or loosen things with one hand. The Superwrench is a spring-loaded adjustable which works for any number of tasks. Simply open it with your thumb, position it over what you want to undo and release your grip – letting it automatically close to the right width. Once it’s gripped, apply pressure to undo or tighten. It works on rounded surfaces, too. Available in sizes of 100 to 400mm, prices range from £9.95 and it’s available from Whatz Hot (www.whotzhot.info; 01305 823 888).

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