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Lynx AlpegoLynx alpego

Lynx Engineering now imports the Alpego range of flail toppers and cultivators from Italy.

This Craker tillage tool uses seven forward-cranked heavy ripper tines to work down to a depth of 550mm (21in).

Twin star-spiked rollers at the rear provide a clod-smashing and trash-mixing effect, leaving a dappled finish for drainage.

A 3m version will set you back £8570.

Standen Pearson Unistarstanden pearson

Standen Pearson unveiled a new stone and clod separator.

The Unistar combines 10 rows of stars – which are more aggressive than previous formats – and a web for final separation.

Finer material drops through to the web after the first four rows of stars, ensuring large objects are carried to the rear.

Instead of chain and sprocket drives, toothed belts are used for noise reduction and reduced maintenance.

Price is to be about £53,000.


Rau says that the market is shifting to high-spec trailed sprayers as opposed to self-propelled units.

Tracking this trend, it has launched a new sprayer that is aimed to capture a slice of the action.

The Phoenix model is available in 5000-litre or 4000-litre versions and has both drawbar and axle suspension, a tracking axle and electro-hydraulic boom control.

The unit has a 500-litre per minute pump and can be fitted with booms up to 45m wide.

Pricing is expected to be about £35,000.


Launched at Agritechnica in Germany last November, this was the first public outing for Case’s STX530 Quadtrac.

Powered by a Cummins QSX 14.9-litre engine, the unit kicks out a whopping 543hp, this power is transferred to the ground via a 16 forward, two reverse powershift and 76cm (30in) wide tracks.

Turning circle is quoted at 5.7m while list price is £224,562.


Willow Farm Machinery imports the SMS range of Czech cultivation kit.

This 4m cranked leg folding soil-loosener is equipped with twin rows of wavy-edged discs to aid clod break-up.

The standard model costs £8870 and needs at least 250hp but a shallower version with lower power requirement is available for high-speed seed-bed preparation.


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