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How to get the most out of your tractor tyres

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The last thing most farmers want to think about during their busiest seasons is fitting new tyres to their tractors and agricultural vehicles.

Farmers want to get as many hours out of their tractor tyres as possible without worrying about them wearing away too quickly.

So how can you extend the life of your farm tyres? 

Correct tyre pressure

To avoid premature tyre wear, it is important to make sure you are running your tractor tyres at the correct pressures.

Tyres need to be at the correct pressures for the field and then often adjusted for driving on the road.

Running them on the wrong pressures can have a huge impact on your tyres’ wear, performance as well as factors such as soil compaction.

Tyre pressure can be easily checked but if you are in any doubt contact your local agricultural tyre dealer or the tyre manufacturer.

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Wheel alignment

Another factor can be incorrect wheel alignment which can cause tyres to wear unevenly and can even affect the fuel efficiency of your tractor.

This can be avoided by making sure the wheels on your tractor are aligned correctly.

If uneven tyre wear is spotted early, often tyres can be swapped from side to side so extend tyre life, but to avoid it altogether (or from it happening again) tyres should be aligned correctly.

This can be done by your local tyre dealer who will be able to arrange to come out to your farm.

Cost effective tyres

With prices of materials and equipment rising, long lasting, quality tyres at affordable prices are becoming invaluable.

Last year saw the arrival of new agricultural tyre brand Ascenso Tyres in the UK.

This could not have come at a better time, Ascenso offers quality, hard wearing tyres at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Not only that, but Ascenso offers a 7-year warranty on all Farm Radial tyres and a 5-year warranty on Bias tyres.

Ascenso Tyres also feature Mud breaker Technology for optimal performance both in and out of the field.

What tyres do Ascenso offer?

Ascenso offer an extensive and still growing range of tyres, including:

  • Tractor radial tyres: 85 series, 70 series, 65 series (which feature a 65k speed rating) with Rowcrop coming this year and VF tyres planned as part of future developments.
  • Tractor Crossply tyres
  • Implement tyres
  • Trailer Flotation tyres
  • Plant and Industrial tyres
  • Earthmover tyres
  • Forestry tyres
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What is the mud breaker technology?

The mud breaker and the dual mud breaker ensure better self-cleaning and maximum traction. During the process of movement, vertical cleats on the lugs act like a lever to push the mud away and create an air channel to break the vacuum which helps in self-cleaning characteristics.

Ascenso tyres are available across the whole of the UK including Scotland, Wales and even the Shetland Islands through a growing network of Ascenso tyre dealers.

Your local tyre supplier can also set up an account and purchase Ascenso tyres through BAB Distribution who offer nationwide wholesale supply of Ascenso tyres.

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