Hustler bale feeders hit UK market

A new range of Kiwi-built feeding equipment is now available for UK livestock producers.

The Hustler line-up of bale unrollers includes versions that can handle both round and square bales.

With the aim of keeping moving parts to a minimum, the CH-2000 uses a simple tilting cradle that raises the bale as a spiked rotor teases the material out.

Main advantage of this compared to a bale chopper is said to be that material is less easily trodden in and wasted.

A novel approach is used for self-loading. The operator drops the main unit off, leaving the headstock and a pair of forks attached to the tractor linkage. These are then used to load the bale onto the cradle before the unit is reattached.

A larger two bale unit – the CH-4000 – uses a reward-facing spike at the back of the cradle to load and carry bales.

The line-up is marketed in the UK by Hampshire-based Broadwood. Prices start from £4450.

chainless 2000

chainless 2000 loading


chainless 4000

chainless 4000 loading


chainless 8000

chainless 8000 loading

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