ISO boom guide system prevents drift

The Isobus standard’s aim of clearing cabs of control-box clutter continues apace with boom height control now joining the increasing list of functions that can be operated by a single compatible terminal.

The Kverneland Group’s new Boom Guide system is said to be the first fully ISO-compatible system on the market.

Instead of operating via a separate control terminal, the system’s operating pages simply appear on the compliant terminal – just like any other Isobus implement. And, adds the firm, this page will appear below the sprayer’s on its new twin-display IsoMatch terminal.

The Boom Guide (UC5) system maintains the boom at a pre-set height automatically, operating in two modes – Soil or Crop – both using the same ultra-sonic sensors. Isobus control means the system will also link into other sprayer features, such as the company’s ErgoDrive headland management.

“Maintaining the correct boom height is essential to prevent drift,” explains Rolf Allmendinger, Kverneland Group crop care product manager. “It also allows machines to be worked more accurately for longer and relieves the operator from the stress of making continual manual adjustments.”

Boom Guide controls up to four aspects of the boom – parallel lift, slope correction, independent slope correction and centre section balancing. It does this using three sensors: one on each side of the boom and another on the centre section.

“An ‘electronic spirit level’ and the sensor on the centre take account of the terrain and help the system to anticipate the angle. This ‘look ahead’ principle helps it to react quickly to changing terrain,” adds Mr Allmendinger.

There are two specification levels: The Basic version offers height control and slope compensation using the boom lift and a correction cylinder, while the Pro offers independent adjustment of each side, as well as lift height and slope correction.

Boom Guide is available as a factory-fit option on the Vicon Rau Explorer and Phoenix Sprayers; and on all Isobus compatible sprayers from September, including the new mounted Ixter range.