Isobus-ready sprayer from Vicon

Vicon reckons its new, futuristic-looking iXter sprayer range is the industry’s first mounted sprayer series to be offered with full Isobus compatibility.

This means that any tractor which is Isobus 11783-equipped can upload the spray computer program on to its own terminal. Then, with the addition of a Vicon switchbox to control the boom sections, the sprayer’s functions and hydraulic controls can be operated through the tractor’s terminal.

“Isobus dramatically reduces in-cab clutter and control box requirements,” says Vicon crop care manager Cliff Buck. “However, the iXter range is not exclusively for Isobus-equipped tractors – there are FlowMate and Focus II control systems for those who do not favour the Isobus system.”

The iXter range is available in four tank sizes: 1000, 1300, 1600 and 1800 litres, and each can be equipped with boom widths from 15-24m, from four different boom families. These include the HC and HPT steel booms and the all-new Alu-Liner vertical-folding HCA and HOSA series.

Vicon’s aluminium boom structure avoids a welded construction in favour of aircraft manufacturing technology that sees aluminium components assembled using bolt-together clamps and glue. This enables individual pieces of the Alu-Liner boom to be individually replaced on-farm in the event of damage.

Vicon has also developed an easy-hitch quick coupler that uses an innovative telescopic pto design to enable the operator to make all connections – electric, hydraulic and pto – before finally reversing the tractor up to the sprayer.

Visual indicators inform the operator about the status of the hitch locking mechanism.

The standard-spec ENFO system manages priming, purging and rinsing of the sprayer’s plumbing system, plus return-to-tank agitation that can be diverted to the suction side of the pump rather than back to the tank. This enables the spray tank to be virtually emptied of pesticides and is said to maximise efficiency while minimising waste and tank washings. Prices for the Vicon iXter range start at £17,400.

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