John Deere expands Gator UTV range

John Deere has added three new models to its range of 4×4 utility vehicles.

The Gator XUV 590i and four-passenger 590i S4 are powered by a twin-cylinder, 32hp, 586cc petrol engine and should be capable of hitting in excess of 45mph.

Ground clearance is 267mm, it will carry up to 363kg in the load bed and towing capacity is just shy of 500kg.

The bigger S4 has a lower ground clearance of 236mm, load capacity of 544kg and will tow the same as the standard version.

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Deere claims to have lowered noise and vibrations on the new models, as well as fitting a 28-litre fuel tank and an 875W/65A alternator to run an assortment of attachments and implements. 

The company has also released a new and more affordable mid-size XUV 560 vehicle, which has plenty in common with the rest of the Gator range.

The 560-badged version has identical ground clearance and load capacities as the 590i, and is powered by a 16hp, 570cc V-twin petrol engine capable of 28mph.   

Ease of access in and out of the vehicle is achieved by the 560’s roll-over protective structure, and the new model features sealed underhood storage and a large one-piece cargo box.

The 560 starts at £8,132, while prices for the 590 will be released at the end of July.