John Deere Horst produces landmark 1,000th self-propelled sprayer

The John Deere Horst factory located in the Netherlands has produced its 1,000th self-propelled sprayer – a 4,000-litre R4040i. 

The landmark sprayer has been sold to a customer in the Czech Republic, whose farm covers 1,800 hectares.

The buyer has opted for automatic boom height, track width adjustment and a triple folding 24/36-metre boom on the machine. 

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John Deere Horst has reached this milestone within nine years of commencing manufacture of the self-propelled sprayers.

John Deere Horst 1000th sprayer

Deere’s trailed sprayers have experienced similar success at the same factory, with the 10,000th machine rolling of the production line last year.

The Horst facility has been extended and developed to cope with the increased production since John Deere’s acquisition of the company in 1997.

The factory had been manufacturing and designing crop sprayers for the European market for over 70 years.