Joskin goes bigger and better with Solodisc XXL

Joskin Solodisc XXL

Belgian slurry specialist Joskin has completed its range of disc injectors with a new 8.25m-wide version of the Solodisc.

The XXL-badged model joins the existing 6.75m and 7.5m machines, and uses a reduced row spacing of 18.75cm. Previous versions worked at 21.5cm, but the company hopes that the new arrangement will improve the uniformity of spread slurry and reduce injection depths.

Joskin Solodisc XXLDisc sections are made of nitrile rubber with a metal outer ring to trim the weight of each one to 5.9kg.

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Overall disc size has been upped to 400mm diameter, which should reduce wear on the face of the disc and drag on the tractor, and the frame can pivot up to 10deg either side to help with cornering.

Joskin also offers various options, including section control with GPS compatibility and hydraulic cross-compensation.

For this, the coulter pressure springs are replaced with hydraulic rams to encourage even pressure across all the soil-working components.

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