K-Two muckspreader gets greater volume

For anyone looking for a new muckspreader, the choice keeps widening. K-Two now offers six models of its Duo Mk5 spreaders, including 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14t versions.

A new monocoque body gives 12% more volume and allows bigger wheels to be fitted without increasing the overall width of the machine.

There’s also a single-pole drawbar that makes the machines easier to manoeuvre and the rotor spins at a faster 417rpm to give a wider, finer spread pattern. Prices start at £18,600.

Commercial axles are standard and the Griffith Elder weigh cell system allows the driver to see how many tonnes of muck remain in the hopper, the cumulative tonnage spread and the t/ha figure. A more pukka version automatically maintains the preset application rate by slowing down or speeding up the floor chains.

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